Moving Forward with CMT

Dr. Scott Denton and his team, supported by the CMTAA Inc., have produced this outstanding 16pp booklet. This is a source of great encouragement for our "CMT Family" and those caring for them.

The booklet includes easy to read and understand topics such as:

  • What is CMT?
  • CMT diagnosis and beyond
  • Family planning
  • Medication safety and CMT
  • CMT and your feet
  • Orthotists
  • Foot surgery
  • CMT Aussie Kids - a well established annual weekend to encourage the younger members of the "CMT Family"
  • Outstanding achievements by members of our "CMT Family"
  • A brief overview of CMT expertise that is available

Please click onto the link below to view the PDF version of this informative booklet.


Should you require a hard copy, please contact our National Office on 02 9767 5105.

The cost is $5 that covers postage and handling.