CMT Fundraiser

Lachie McNamee is a lively 14 year old boy in Grade 8 at Toowoomba Grammar School.

He began getting symptoms of CMT approximately 2 years ago. His father, uncle and grandmother all have it but he is the only one of 14 in his generation of the family that has it. For the last 2 years he hasn't told anyone about his CMT because he didn't want to stand out. Only his closest friends knew. This year he has started tripping a lot more with the foot drop and often tripped up/down stairs in front of all the boys at school. He has continued to play sport as he finds running easier than walking but he gets a lot of pain in his feet the day after he plays sport or runs. He has recently started wearing AFOs to help with the foot-drop but is embarrassed about them as most teenage boys would be.

Lachie has entered in the Noosa Triathlon to be held on November 3. He felt that this would be a great way to fundraise for CMT research and would be an effective way of telling everyone why he needs to wear the AFOs and what CMT is. He is preparing for the 40km cycling leg of the triathlon. The furthest he has ever previously ridden was 15km. He is dedicating himself to solid preparation which is a huge effort for him. 

Lachie, you are an inspiration to the many other members of your "CMT Family".