CMT Aussie Kids Going To UK
After a selection process 10 Aussie kids are raising the funds to make this trip a reality.
Each of them are expected to fundraise between $5,000 and $6,000, raising awareness for CMT at the same time, and we have set up a GiveNow page for donations.

This trip is about more than just the 10 youth who will be travelling to the UK. Bringing together the Australian and British youth gave new, broader perspectives on dealing with a life of disability and energised the broader CMT community whose only ‘complaint’ was that they didn’t have this opportunity when they were young.

These 10 youth represent some of the best of our community, those who living with their own disability are prepared to step up and help others.
Please help our youth reach their target. PS The kids have named the tour 'The First Feet. A CoMTiki Adventure'. Click on the link below to donate.